martes, 7 de julio de 2015


Mientras disfrutábamos de nuestras vacaciones, los chichos de Rise park nos han compartido una fantástica danza con motivo del proyecto ECOIDEAS.

Our afterschool Bravo Club have been working incredibly hard with Señorita Simon and Señorita Watts to choreograph and perform our very own international ‘ECO BAILE’. Rise Park will be learning the dance and performing as a whole school during our carnival week! The video is also for the Vallejistas over at Manuel Mejia Vallejo to learn and perform. The dance is a celebration to link back to the Eco Week work we carried out in October 2014 with Walter and Astrid, as well as to celebrate and raise the awareness of both schools’ ECO-IDEAS projects over the year including rearing and looking after our chickens, developing raised beds to grow our own food and a range of recycling projects. Can you join the ECO-IDEAS team and do the ECO-DANCE?