martes, 6 de marzo de 2018


From Rise Park Primary and Nursery school

We intend to carry out a homework poetry project bases around the poem, Bilingue by Alma Flor Ada. We invite you to visit the website, please clic on the picture.

To build on an existing topic taught in spanish in year 3 -plantas y árboles- and in conjuntion with colombia´s ideas ongoing values regarding ECOIDEAS Bethlemitas, we intend to carry out activities from the connecting classrooms TREE OF LIFE PROJECT.
A special new tree looks at the trees in our local school environment and how the contribute to local ecosystems, before conducting a survey within school about clidren´s favourite trees to help inform our decision for which tree should be planted in this project.  The children will learn about the different parts of plants and trees in Spanish and learn the Spanish names of trees for within our local area.
We will work in conjution with our parthner school to carry out the same activities in both schools and then update our progress and compare our results via the shared blog. We will then send display materials showing tghe progress and completed outcomes of our project to our partner school for display in their school and will create a classroom bases display for both of the year 3 classes.  This project is particularly pertinent to us as it builds on an existing project between the 2 schools from the last academic year called "THE SEED PROJECT", where the shools have been exchanging information on the plants grown in their school gardens as part of the sustainability work we both carry out.