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From Colombia to Tunisia

Grado noveno

Bethlemites school to Mustapha kraif prep school

DhouhaJmaii from Tunisia

I am the IT teacher at school Mustapha kraif school (Mixed). It is a middle school in Jendouba, is one of the 24 governorates of Tunisia. We have 574 students in our school (357 girls and 217 boys) aged 11-15. They study all the subjects in Arabic (expect computer science in French) in addition to two foreign languages, French and English.

Here is my plan for the language activity
1/ Pretest- Give the greeting styles of the 5 different countries and the flag and the location of the countries to match.
2/ Group the students according to the selected countries and ask them to find the following information about the following areas.(from books /net /asking teachers…)
(about  language (customs and traditions)…….)
3/Make a ppt on their findings(about  language (customs and traditions)…….)
 and share it with the partner countries
4/Get students to write five sentences about their feed back after they finish this activity using their mother tongue with the pronunciation and the translation in English and share copies with other classes and the partner countries.
5/Get the same from the partner countries

Madam douha

From Colombia Bethlemites school for Mustafpha Kraif School.

From British Council platform

Thanks Mr walter
It's a good presentation with significant images of England
I want to show it to my students
but I liked more your blog and I need some recommendation  to put our work there.

We are working with Bethlemtes school in Colombia and we are: