miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Skype sesion in coming

Skype in the classroom
Colombia and Tunisia
Bethlemites school and Mustapha Khrif Prep. School

conversation British council platform

Hi, we are preparing the virtual meeting, we will be using Skype. The girls are organizing the meeting, they are very excited, want to share with some of their students. Will it be possible to succeed? We have been in contact with the school in Notthingham, they have left a message on the blog.


my pupils are excited too ...I liked your work and I see several learning for students through those activities.......
my skype : JEMAI DOUHA
my face : jemai douha ep ochi
I read the message on the blog and I like the motivating video that assembles several schools around the world "an original idea" and I want to join them and record our video .....
please let me know how to contact them
Hello, remember our virtual meeting via Skype, tomorrow Thursday 26, Colombian time 10.00 a. m we are very impatient for the meeting.